TyrelQueeTonQuayQuay's story

TyrelQeeTonQuayQuay was once a man that lived on the street.  He just sat around with his pet chicken Helen. One day a strange fat woman came by on a hover round as if she was looking for something.  She then stops and turns toward TyrelQueeTonQuayQuay and Helen.  She then starts to drool and starts to mumbles she then proceeds to drive towards them while continuing to chant.  More drool starts to fall from her mouth, so TyrelQueeTonQuayQuay picked Helen up and starts to walk away.  After 5 minutes TyreQueeTonQuayQuay turns to she if she was following him.  When he turn he sees that she had followed him ,but now she was reaching out trying to grab him.  In fear Tyrel takes off in a sprint and in his surprise he see the lady keep up with his pace, so he starts to go down a narrow alley. As soon as he thought he lost her , he slowed down to catch his breath as he looks back he just sees her staring at him mumbling.  He then sets down Helen and sat down. After about a 1 or 2
he hears this terrible laugh as he turns to look.  He then sees the the fat woman holding Helen and just laughing. She then just drove off. Tyrel then gets up and ran to the end of the alley and turns the corner. The woman is nowhere to be seen and neither is Helen. And he never saw them again. The end.